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Notes to Map

The numbered items set out below correspond to the numbers on the accompanying map and provide a description of the area noted and how it is to be utilized and populated with sculptures:

  1. This area is the studio of Timeless Creations, owned and operated by Julia Rotblatt Amrany and Omri Amrany. This area is to have 12-15 pieces near the studio and another 6 pieces near Midwest Young Artist’s facility.

  2. This zone is for the Homeowners to propose location, number and type of artwork they would welcome in this region.

  3. The entranceway to the Town of Fort Sheridan subdivision. This area would contain up to 40 pieces of sculpture.

  4. In this zone we are proposing up to 15 pieces be placed in the two areas numbered 4.

  5. In area 5, which is to the north and west and a little bit of the southern portion of the parade grounds, we would propose 50-60 items of art spaced 25-30 yards apart.

  6. For this area we would seek feedback from the Homeowners on the number of pieces, types and placement.

  7. This area is not to receive artwork.

  8. In this area we are proposing up to 9 pieces.

  9. For the area north of areas 3, 4, 5 and 7—which is Forest Preserve Property—we have a great capacity and the ability to place larger pieces. Here we want to complement existing pieces, be mindful of open spaces, and wish to attract pedestrians and hikers into the space and its natural beauty. Currently the “Nest” is present in this area together with the Cannon towards the east.

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Priorities: The zones we wish to populate with artwork first are zones 1, 2 and 9. We see the Forest Preserve’s participation as a key anchor for the establishment of an art corridor that undertakes and fulfills the Julia Foundation’s mission. See the accompanying material regarding the Julia Foundation and its mission and guiding principles.






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