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The Fort Sheridan Sculpture Garden Project

In scenic Fort Sheridan, Illinois, less than 25 miles north of Chicago, a major new sculpture park is taking form.

Established as a Not for Profit Private Charity in 2005, The Julia Foundation has as its goal to make Fort Sheridan a fine arts destination for generations to come.

Situated in key places around the 623-acre historic site, an impressive collection of original, large-scale artworks will be funded, installed, and managed by The Julia Foundation.

The long-term vision for the Fort Sheridan Sculpture Garden includes dozens of works of fine art dotting the landscape of scenic Fort Sheridan.

Three sculptures are already in place: “Petroushka’s Journey I” and “Petroushka’s Journey II,” and “Cascading Melodies.”

Three other works have already been acquired: “Emergence,” “Untitled” (by Lynne Bloom), and “Butterfly Woman.”

Future works selected by The Julia Foundation board will meet the following guidelines:

  • Be in keeping with the mission of the foundation.

  • Adhere to the guiding principles established by the board.

  • The beauty of the piece.

  • The work’s artistic merit, difficulty, and the creativity exhibited.

  • Whether the piece provokes thought.

  • Whether the piece provokes conversation.

  • Whether the piece is visually interesting.

  • Whether the piece enhances the public space and other works in the area.

See the map for the proposed placement of sculptures.






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